Abel SD Fly Reel

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Abel's Sealed Drag Reel consists of multi-stacked discs of machined aluminum and a proprietary Rulon® composite, all housed in a fully sealed cartridge. The aluminum discs are hard anodized for abrasion resistance and lightly lubricated to allow free motion for a lifetime of protection under heavy operation. Our proprietary Rulon® has a low coefficient of friction, excellent abrasion resistance, and chemical inertness over a wide range of operating temperatures. The anodized aluminum sealed drag cartridge, coupled with a 330 degree angled cam system drag knob features 24 detents (clicks) of adjustment yields virtually infinite settings using an infallible draw bar tightening system. The innovative design also yields incredibly low startup inertia to protect fine tippets, while still giving plenty of stopping power for slowing down the fastest running fish.


  • Multi-Stacked Machined Drag
  • Custom Anodized
  • Infinitely Adjustable
  • Made in USA


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