Fly Fishing for Trophy Striped Bass, John Field

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From the back cover...

Fly Fishing for Trophy Striped Bass, by John Field is the New Testament in striper angling. I’ve read many books on stripers over the years, but none that covers a broader spectrum of locations, techniques, flies, and changes in fish patterns. A triumph and a worthy addition to any angler’s library.”- Captain Paul Dixon,  Dixon’s to the Point Charters

“Great fly fishing authors are often possessed¸ consumed with a need to search out answers to the endless mysteries of trying to get a fish to eat a feathered artificial.  John Field is one of those writers and fisherman, and Fly Fishing for Trophy Striped Bass reflects his endless attention to detail and devotion to helping us understand what makes big stripers tick. The chapter on flies alone is worth the price of admission, because John has tested and studied what works and why it works.  I can’t imagine a striper angler, from novice to expert, who won’t come away from this book with a whole store of new knowledge.”- Jonny King, fly creator and angling writer

“John Field’s knowledge of striped bass fishing is unparalleled.  His book takes a thorough look at patterns, bait sources, different techniques etc. by sourcing the best and most experienced guides and anglers along the coast.  It is the most comprehensive analysis of striped bass fishing along the East Coast I’ve ever come across…a must-read for anyone wishing to improve their striped bass game, from beginners to experts.”-Captain John McMurray, “One More Cast” Light Tackle Charters

“Big stripers behave differently. If big stripers are your target, you, the angler, must also adapt. John does a masterful job of outlining the changes in tackle, tactics, and attitude needed to help you catch the fish of your striper dreams.”- Peter Jenkins, The Saltwater Edge, Middletown, R.I.

” To deliver the high quality and broad scope of information included in Fly Fishing for Trophy Striped Bass, I’d have to say John Field is as good an angler as he is a writer.”- Tom Keer, The Keer Group

“This is more than just another fly fishing book on striped bass as Field has left no stone unturned. Every book ever written on the subject is now rolled up in one. One of the best I have ever read!"- Capt. Jim Freda, Shore Catch Sportfishing, Manasquan Inlet, NJ

“Fly Fishing for Trophy Striped Bass will inform and enlighten both seasoned fly fishermen as well as those new to the sport on the lore, appeal, and techniques surrounding the quest to catch stripers, especially large ones, on the fly.”- John Tiedemann, Assistant Dean – School of Science Director – Marine and Environmental Biology and Policy Program  Monmouth University