Sage Spey R8 Fly Rod

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An effective Spey cast is dependent on efficient transfers of energy in each of its three key components: the Lift, Load, and Delivery. Utilizing our proprietary Revolution 8 graphite technology along the full length of double-handed rod tapers results in a blank with an unmatched ability to capture and carry power, plus exceptional tracking. Energy produced during the cast and applied directly to the rod are transmitted entirely into the line, so Spey casters aren’t required to compensate for lost energy or imprecise rod reactions. With SPEY R8, casts are smooth, instinctual, and consistent.

Lift - Adequate stiffness, power, and responsiveness paired with light weight ensure no efforts are wasted and fatigue is minimum when lifting long or heavy heads, sink tips and flies.

Load - R8 Technology maximizes the amount of energy collected in sweep or touchand-go moves, carries it into the D-Loop, and transfers it smoothly into the rod.

Deliver - Responsiveness and tracking abilities of R8 Technology diminish lost energy and reduce lateral movements upon the forward stroke, increasing power and accuracy.


  • Revolution 8 Technology
  • Ale Blank Color
  • Grey Primary Thread Wraps with Gold and Black Trim
  • Super-Plus Grade Cork Handle & Rear Grip with Composite Cork Trim Rings
  • Fuji K-Series “Tangle Free” Stripping Guides
  • Aluminium rod tube with Sage medallion