Delaware River East Branch

Delaware River East Branch


  • Type: Trout
  • Season: April 1 - October 15 from Downsville to Shinhopple. April 1 November 30th from Shinhopple to Hancock

Flowing out of the Pepacton reservoir, the East Branch is a 27 mile long tailwater fishery before it joining the West Branch at Hancock. In many ways the East Branch fishes as two distinct rivers, since its largest tributary, the Beaverkill, changes the river's composition: above the Beaverkill, the East Branch is smaller and more intimate, and stays cools all year thanks to the reservoir. Access here can be tricky as much of the upper Beaverkill is flanked by private land. Below the beaverkill the river is warmer, and tends to fish its best during the peak season of April through June. Fish here will tend to spend the warmer months seeking thermal refuges until the water cools down again in the fall. Throughout the East Branch anglers can find wild and stocked Brown trout as well as Rainbows, and the spring hatches of mayflies and caddis tend to be quite strong.

Delaware River East Branch River Waterflow

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