Martha's Vineyard Fishing Report


  • Type: Striped Bass, Bluefish, Bonito, False Albacore
  • Season: Striped Bass and Bluefish year round, Bonito and False Albacore August through November

Martha’s Vineyard is not only a beautiful destination, it boasts some incredible fishing opportunities for the roving angler. The Vineyard can be accessed by boat or ferry and has some of the best shore-based angling found in the Northeast. Numerous beaches and flats loaded with Stripers fish well in the spring and fall giving fly anglers plenty of shots at big fish from shore. The density of fish here is quite high during the prime seasons and with a little bit of research, fly anglers can catch numbers of striped bass that would be very hard to do anywhere else in the Northeast. Martha’s Vineyard is also an atlantic bonito and false albacore mecca. These highly migratory and pelagic fish show up in hordes during the fall when huge schools blitz high concentrations of baitfish and make for some of the most exciting fishing of the year. Bluefish can be found in strong numbers through the year with the exception of the winter months. These toothy bruisers provide consistent action during the typically slower summer months as well. Best of all the Vineyard is one of the rare Northeast locations that gives access to the bluefin tuna. One of the most respected, sought after, and powerful of all gamefish, the bluefin tuna is considered by many to be the epitome of fly fishing. Explosive and with seemingly unlimited endurance, bluefin are one of those rare fish that will test even the most experienced anglers. These highly migratory fish show up off Martha’s Vineyard in June and July and can be found busting on a wide variety of bait. Leaving from the Vineyard to chase bluefin shortens the run significantly making it possible for smaller single-engine boats to get to these fish. Regardless of your target species, Martha’s Vineyard offers some incredible fishing for fly anglers. This is a location every saltwater angler should visit it at some point. It will not disappoint.

Need a Guide for Marth's Vineyard?

Abbie Schuster Fishing Guide

Abbie Schuster

Abbie Schuster specializes in salt water for striped bass, false albacore, bluefish and bonito. Based out of Martha’s Vineyard & Maine she also fishes and guides in a variety of waters around the region. A native New Englander, she grew up fishing on Martha's Vineyard. After attending the University of Montana, and then Sweetwater Guide School, she eventually returned home to open Kismet Outfitters. Her goal is to have every client leave with lifelong memories, a stronger passion for fly fishing and conservation, and a greater understanding about the sport. She is a certified Maine guide, as well as CPR, First Aid, and Swift Water Rescue certified.

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