Airflo Superflo Elite Double Taper Fly Line

  • For anglers who need a line to perform in the widest range of freshwater conditions. The Elite’s moderate taper can change from dry fly fishing to nymphing to light streamers and fish effectively. This taper style also lends itself to easy casting for the widest range of casting styles. It’s as close to a “one size fits all” as you can get in a freshwater line.


  • The Superflo Elite is offered in both Weight Forward (2wt-7wt) and Double Taper (3wt-6wt) designs.  The Double Taper version features two different front taper designs for maximum versatility – the “darker” color end has an extended front taper for more delicate dry fly presentations – the “light/tan” colored end is shorter and more moderate for an all-purpose option.

Includes welded front loop

Tip & Front Taper:  “Light color end” – Moderate front taper and tip for maximum versatility.  “Dark color end” –

Belly:  double taper lines are essentially all belly.  

Rear Taper:  There is no rear taper in a double taper design

Rigging tips:

  • Dry flies:  9' – 15' monofilament or floating PolyLeader + tippet
  • Nymphing: 9'-15' monofilament or fluorocarbon leader + tippet.  Strike indicators and added weights can also be used.
  • Streamers and heavy flies:  4'-8' monofilament or fluorocarbon leader.  Typically 4x-1x, depending on line size and fishery.  PolyLeaders in floating, intermediate or sinking varieties.