The Compleat Angler Nymph Selection

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Our Compleat Angler Nymph Kit is the perfect compliment to any anglers fly collection. These flies will be productive on most trout streams across the country so no need to hassle with finding the "right kit." As the sub-surface flies become more productive as the year progresses, these nymphs will get down deep to where the big fish are holding. 

The Compleat Angler Nymph Kit Includes:

  1. 42 of our most productive, hand selected nymphs and soft-hackles 
  2. Anglers Image Ultra-Thin Fly Box with Compleat Angler Logo 
  3. Compleat Angler Embroidered Logo Cap in Burnt Orange
  4. Compleat Angler Decal  

***Available While Supplies Last*** 

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