The Open Back reel was introduced to the market in March of 1999. The Open Back incorporates a large arbor for a few reasons. First, the large diameter on the Open Back dramatically increases retrieve speed. Line is picked up much more rapidly than with a conventional spool. Second, on a long running fish, a conventional reel will spin faster and faster as more and more line is taken out. The resulting increase in drag is often enough to pop a light tippet. With a large arbor spool, drag tension remains almost constant as more line and backing are pulled from the reel, thus reducing the chances of breaking off a big fish. Finally, line is stored in bigger loops, thus reducing the line coil memory and those annoying loops that come off near the bottom of a conventional spool.

Galvan Open Back reels incorporate all of the outstanding features of the standard Galvan reel. Available in the OB-1 (Open Back 1), OB-2, OB-3, OB-4, OB-5. These reels feature the same incredibly smooth action and drag as all Galvan reels. The machining of the frame and spool reduces weight and enables you to look through the middle of the reel. The Open Back's spool and frame are fully machined out of 6061 bar stock aluminum. It has a quick-release spool that requires no tools to change and is counter-balanced for wobble-free rotation. Made of aluminum and stainless steel.

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