Gulff UV Resin - Classic

Create small nymphs, larvaes, pupas and scuds. Build streamer bodies, heads or bigger shrimps. Some flies just need a little bit resin finishing. A high quality clear finishin let you use other material under the resin. Gulff UV resins are always 100% tack-free. Made by using high quality resin material which cures in few seconds.

Gulff Classic is the best option for small fly body building and general nymph bonding. Recommend for larvaes, pupas, nymphs, scuds and small detail bonding. One of the best clear UV resins in the market.

  • Always tack-free and crystal clear finishing
  • Cures in few seconds (3-4 seconds)
  • Manufactured by using G2 high quality resin materials.
How to use:
make thin layers and cure 3s. Wait for 5s. until you touch the fly.