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This third edition is little changed from the second edition—incorporating a foreword by Trey Combs, Micro Intruder Images, and all 24 Intruders from the second edition. I improved on my notes regarding suppliers of materials and components to tie Intruders and the materials used in the Micro Intruders. I also tried to improve the clarity of instructions on rigging hooks and the general flow of the book's text. Novice and intermediate level tyers will find a solid base for tying Intruder-style flies here, with rich photo imagery showing step by step tying techniques for 24 original patterns, plus abundant encouragement to explore the creative aspects of this fly style. Please note: I encourage everyone who purchases this book to go to Office Max, Staples, or Kinkos to get it spiral bound. The cost is minimal and it makes it easy to lay the book flat on your tying bench as you work. Thank you - Jay Nicholas.
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