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Glass Bead Sand Eel Fly

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Yet another one of our custom patterns tied specifically for our shop. This deadly Sand eel pattern is hand-tied in Connecticut and specifically designed for False Albacore and Atlantic Bonito. This fly looks seriously fishy. The clear epoxy head encases 3 pearl glass beads and a 3D eye creating a super realistic look to the fly. This is a fly that will work when nothing else will. We have been fishing these for years and when the fish are insanely picky, this is the fly you want to throw. The Glass Bead Sand Eel is 2.5" long in a size 4 and 3" long in a size 2 making it the perfect size to imitate sand eels and Bay Anchovies. If you see Albies smashing rainbait and you can't get bit with any other fly, it time for the Glass Bead Sand Eel.
Sand Eel
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