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A New Generation Of Trout Flies: From Midges To Mammals For Rocky Mountain Trout (Spiral Hardcover)

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  • Innovative fly patterns dreamed up, proven, and refined on the demanding waters of the Yellowstone region. Detailed tying instructions and photos for 20 of the author’s most effective patterns with useful information and practical tips on fishing the flies. It covers the entire spectrum from the popular Double Bunny to the Parachute Midge Emerger. Sanchez’s flies are quick and easy to tie, and will immediately help the angler fish more productively in a wide variety of waters and conditions. Full color; 8x11 inches, 160 pgs.

    Scott Sanchez has been tying flies and fly fishing in the Rocky Mountains for more than 30 years. He has spent the last 20 in the trout fishing Mecca of the greater Yellowstone region. A self-taught fly tier and fly fisher, Scott's youthful adventures were spent chasing trout in the Wasatch Front near Salt Lake. The fish responded to his early creations, leading to a lifetime of experimentation with flies.

    The Yellowstone area is spectacularly diverse, offering great variety of fishing opportunities. Although best known for large rivers, there are also small streams, lakes and spring creeks. Even on the big waters, part of the day may be spent throwing huge streamers and the rest with a small dry fly. Hatches range from large stoneflies to minute mayflies. Because of this variety, an angler must have a good selection of versatile and specialty flies and techniques to be successful. Scott's innovative patterns were created, proven and evolved on these demanding waters. Through commercial tying, he has been able to test his ideas in different waters and in different conditions. These flies will help the angler fish more effectively. Patterns such as the Double Vision Parachute are ways to see in bad light; the Everything Emerger covers a wide range of cripples at the same time; the Foam Wing Hopper floats low in the water - but won't sink; and the Spandex Stone plummets into the water yet has motion when it gets to the trout's level. These flies produce in the Rockies and around the World. Best of all, Scott's flies are quick and easy to tie.

    In A New Generation of Trout Flies, Scott shares his patterns and fishing ideas with the reader. Detailed tying instructions and photos are shown for each of his original patterns. The book also contains specific information on fishing the flies and more general tips on fishing the West. The book covers the fly spectrum from the popular Double Bunny to a Parachute Midget Emerger. There are chapters on mayflies, caddisflies, stoneflies, midges, emergers, terrestrials, attractors and steamers.

    WHAT THE EXPERTS ARE SAYING: John Bailey of Dan Bailey’s Fly Shop in Livingston, says: “In all my years in the fly-fishing business, I have not met anyone who is as creative a fly tier as Scott Sanchez. He has no boundaries. I still marvel how many ideas continue to flow from him.” 

    Dave Klausmeyer, Editor of Fly Tyer Magazine, adds: This well-written and illustrated volume contains nothing but excellent patterns designed to entice trout—no fluff, no padding, no bull.”

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