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Pro Sportfisher Bullet Weights

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Pro Bulletweight is as the name implies shaped like a "bullet" and is the lightest Pro weight option in the Pro Sportfisher line-up. Primarily used on short body "Scandinavian" style flies, Leeches or flies tied in the round such as Marabou tube flies etc. Pro Bulletweight is available in Small, Medium or Large and will fit Pro Microtube, Pro Nanotube, Pro Flexitube 40/40 as well as Pro Classic (extruded) tubing. Pro Bulletweight's slim profile makes it a great option to hide a weight in the fly that helps your fly break through the surface film and start fishing immediately.

Weight In Grams/Grains


  • Small (10 pcs/pk): 0.19 grams/2.93 grains
  • Medium (10 pcs/pk): 0.29 grams/4.48 grains
  • Large (9 pcs/pk): .039 grams/6.02 grains