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Rainy's BFT's Goggle Eye Fly

Goggle Eyes are one of the most sought after and expensive live baits out there. The Sailfish guys down South will pay 200 to 400 dollars a dozen for these speedy little morsels during tournaments. And there is a reason for it. Almost every gamefish will hammer these baitfish when they are around. So, it makes sense to have these flies in your box when heading to the Tropics. Pelagics absolutely love Goggle Eyes. Tuna, King Mackerel, Dolphinfish, Sails and Marlin will not pass these up. This fly makes a good Hardtail (Bar Jack) or Blue Runner imitation as well. Wether in the Pacific or Atlantic, If you are targeting Pelagics in the Tropics, this is a fly you definitely want to have in your box.