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Red-Eye Rabbit Fly

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A proven Albie killer. This fly is simple but effective. This pattern often takes fish when seemingly nothing else will. Do not be fooled however, there are certain tweaks to this fly that make it as productive as it is. We tried similar substitutions over the years but nothing out-performed this pattern tied this way. So, we had it custom tied just for our shop. That's right. You can only get this pattern at our shop. This is a go-to fly in all of our boxes. Many of our anglers start with this fly and never take it off throughout the whole day. Others use it as a day-saver telling us, that when nothing else worked; this fly got it done. Size 2 is great for Bonito and when there is larger bait around such as Peanut Bunker. Size 4 best all-round Albie size.