The Flystart™ is a large arbor fly reel that is affordably priced, yet built with the same commitment to quality and performance as all Ross reels. The gear-to-gear drag is a low maintenance, high performance system that is dependable, smooth and has a wide range of adjustment.

The term “entry level” does not have to be a slur, and the Flystart™ is a perfect example of why. It is an affordably priced, large arbor fly reel built to Ross’ exacting standards. The drag is a gear-to-gear design with low maintenance, and high performance. Dependable and smooth, it has plenty of power and finesse to help land almost anything that swims. Coated with our proprietary AGP finish for durability, this is the perfect reel for the first-time fly fisher who wants quality, value, and performance for years to come. 

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