Seigler Fly Reel

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The Seigler Fly Reel is one of the most robust, and thoughtfully engineered reels we have ever come across. The first thing you will notice about this reel is the lever drag system. With a knob to pre-set your pressure range and a lever to quickly adjust while fishing, this reel offers quick adjustments and a crazy amount of stopping power. The versatility of this reel an not be overstated. You are no longer relegated to a predetermined drag curve set by the manufacturer. You can crank it up for Tuna or GTs and dial it back for Bones or Striped Bass. 

This reel has been over-engineered to a take a beating, and you'll feel it when you hold one. With good weight, heavy-duty components, and flawless fit and finish, This reel is truly impressive. 

The Seigler just won Best In Show fly reel at ICAST 2018.


MF: Weight- 10.6oz 
Capacity- 300yds 40# Braid w/ 9wt WF shooting line 
Recommended rod weights 
8, 9, 10

The Medium Game Lever Drag fly reel. This fly reel was designed and created to tackle the most variety of saltwater species.  


BF: Weight- 11.8oz  

Capacity- 400yds 50# Braid w/ 12wt WF shooting line 

Recommended Rod Weights 
11, 12, 13 and 14

The Big Game Lever Drag fly reel. This fly reel was specifically designed to battle Giant Trevallies, Tarpon, Tuna and other big fish!