Wade Caranx Fly Reel

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Few will argue that GTs are the alpha predators on any Indian Ocean atoll flat. Many things have been said about them to try and describe their power and aggression. A school of trophy GT’s on the hunt is an impressive sight, their dominance on the flats clearly illustrated by everything else making way for them. When they get so big that they eat the very same 8lb bonefish you were catching that morning you know that you need a serious reel.

The Caranx is a big 12# reel, with an outer diameter of 4,52 inches and enough room to hold 300 yards of 80lb GSP and a 12 weight line. Weighing in at only 308 grams this makes it lighter than any of its competitors. You need the extra size for quick line retrieval and backing capacity; two elements of the fight where you will certainly be tested. Your drag must also be able to reach its maximum stopping power as soon as the fish is hooked to avoid it reaching the coral. With the Caranx you have all of this at your disposal, making it the ultimate GT reel. 


Spool Option: Large Arbor
Line Wt / Yards / Backing:
WF12F line / 300m / 80lb gelspun

Weight: 308grams / 10.86oz
Spool Diameter: 11.5cm / 4.52in
Spool Width: 3cm / 1.18
Hub Diameter: 6.9cm / 2.72

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