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Wolf Moon McGee RC with Rubber Sack

McGee (E)
overall length 33-1/2³ / bow 18-1/2³ long x 11-1/2³ wide
MCG has ash bow with inlaid black walnut handle
MCG-12 has 12³ soft knotless sack (NOT IN STOCK - can be ordered)
MCG-RC has clear lightweight rubber sack

The McGee is an adaptation of a traditional Neil Sanvidge design. The bow dimensions and sack depths are the same as the Horserace, but the McGee has a long handle like the straight-sided Oconto. For extremely heavy fish, you can choke up on the handle and brace it on your forearm for extra control. The McGee is ideal for use from a kick boat, float tube or canoe, and perfect for the person who wants the extra reach and loves the warmth, color and aesthetic appeal of wood.