Wolf Moon Steeple Tuck with rubber sack

Steeple (B–Tuck)
overall length 23″ / bow 16″ long x 10″ wide
Tuck Profile is comfortably curved from throat of handle to tip of bow.
STET has ash bow and black walnut handle
STET-10 has 10″ soft knotless sack (not in stock - can order)
STET-RC has clear lightweight rubber sack

New for 2013 are the Wolf Moon Tuck Nets, models that are comfortably curved to tuck into your waistband or behind a hip pack while you’re walking or fishing. The Steepleis a teardrop-shaped Tuck. Essentially, the bow is the same as our Ledge, except for the bend that moves the tip of the bow away from your shoulder blades.

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