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Professional fly tyer Mike Motyl gives a fly-tying demonstration at the UConn Health Center on April 11, 2011. (Janine Gelineau/UConn Health Center Photo)

All Upcoming Saturday Fly tying Demos are FREE. Just show up and enjoy!

Guest Tiers will be on hand from 10am to 2pm and will be available for questions and discussion

Winter 2017 Saturday Fly Tying Demos


February 4th -Sal Renzuella–A talented and innovative fly tier and angler, Sal will be discussing and tying night flies and mouse patterns for use on the Farmington and other big-trout water.

February 11th-Steve Culton–Steve will be tying saltwater flatwings. To see more of Steve’s work, visit www.currentseams.wordpress.com.

February 18th -Jonny King –Truly one of the great tiers of our generation, Jonny King has been recognized internationally as an innovator, artist and creative force to be reckoned with. He is adept at both salt-water and fresh water imitations and his flies are simply some of the most beautiful and practical dressings on the scene today. Don’t miss this highly-acclaimed artist!

February 25th -Eric Peterson –Eric is responsible for some of the most innovative salt water fly patterns in our fly boxes – all of which are sold and marketed by the Orvis Company. Eric will be on hand to tie his signature bonefish flies.


March 4thBen Rinker-“Delaware River Entomology and Strategies.” Come and see master Guide and fisherman Ben Rinker, owner of East Branch Outfitters, discuss major insects of the Delaware River system, and strategies for the East Branch, West Branch and Main Stem. Ben will also be tying some of his favorite Delaware fly patterns, including his Wunderbug which is a featured new fly in the 2016 Orvis Catalog, as well as his new Wunderdun.

March 11th –TBD

March 18th -Mike Motyl –Mike is a commercial fly tier specializing in the hatches of the Farmington River. His attractive and remarkably effective trout patterns are highly prized by anglers from all over New England. In this session, Mike will focus on patterns and strategies for the Farmington River. Our fly bins here at Compleat Angler are filled with Mike’s elegant patterns, and the whole staff here can testify to their effectiveness!

Additional March and April dates– Be sure to check our website, and facebook page for additional workshop dates in March and April.

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