Connecticut Rivers



Having grown up in the woods and on the water, Sal has had a fly rod in his hands since he was three years old! These days you can find him anywhere from our home rivers in Connecticut chasing Trout to the tributaries of the Great Lakes chasing steelhead, teaching young people, and guiding boy scouts for salmon. He has been a guide on the Housatonic and Farmington rivers for over 15 years when he used to guide beside his father.

Along with Sal’s knowledge and passion for fly fishing is his desire for his clients to learn the techniques and skills he has spent a lifetime honing. Sal offers half and full day trips either wade fishing or from a drift boat (water level dependent). He also offers night fishing for predatory browns with mouse patterns and spring blast and cast turkey hunting/fly fishing outings. Sal regularly presents workshops and clinics on fly-tying, and has appeared numerous times here at the Compleat Angler.


Rob Nicholas


Rob is a full time guide on the Housatonic and Farmington rivers, located in the Northwest corner of Connecticut, and has been operating Housatonic Anglers since 1993. Rob’s knowledge of the sport comes from 25 years of guiding and he has traveled extensively to Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Labrador, Kamchatka, the UK, and the American West. Rob conducts his guiding mostly from drift boats but wade trips are also offered. He likes to mix it up when guiding, switching between 10’ nymphing rigs, streamers with sink tips, wet flies, and, of course, his favorite, dry fly fishing. All of these methods require different skill sets and Rob helps teach his clients how become more effective at catching trout on a consistent basis given current conditions.

In addition to guiding, Rob runs a booking agency called Angling in the Andes which focuses on the best outfitters and lodges in Argentina and Chile. Rob will give you the real skinny on what to expect if you travel to Patagonia and can assist you in finding the place that best fits your fishing preferences and budget. To see some images from his travels there you can find more at:


Scott Loecher


Scott Loecher is equally adept in both fresh water, hunting trout in Connecticut’s Housatonic River, New York’s Delaware River system and other local waters, Steelhead in New York’s Salmon River, and Striped Bass and Bluefish in L.I. Sound in Connecticut and Rhode Island. Scott has spent a lifetime developing the knowledge, techniques and tips that allow him to guide and teach his clients into becoming successful anglers or improving key aspects of their fishing game. Scott is equally at home working with both beginners and seasoned anglers alike. He is a master-level fly caster and gives fly-casting instruction regularly though The Compleat Angler in Darien, Connecticut, as well as working with young people as well. Most importantly, Scott’s love of fishing is apparent in everything he does, and his clients always have a wonderful time!

203-246-4118; 203-220-9405 (Evenings)

Jeff Yates


Fly Fishing Connecticut's guide Jeff Yates has been fishing the waters of Fairfield County for 20 years and has intimate knowledge of the Norwalk, Mianus, Saugatuck and Mill Rivers. He has also discovered the secret streams throughout the region for targeting native brook trout, and can guide clients to a successful day of fishing for these native New England gems. Jeff also guides on the Farmington River, and can help clients avoid the crowds and target trophy trout no matter the season or stream flow.

A master guide and fly tyer, Jeff's goal is for his clients to learn the access points and techniques that will make them successful anglers on their own future outings. Guiding sessions are catch-and-release only and include lessons on insect entomology, stream flows and conditions, reading the water, improving casting skills and conservation and history.

President of the Mianus Chapter of Trout Unlimited, board member of Friends of Mianus River Park, life member of Trout Unlimited and the Housatonic Fly Fishers Association, Jeff is also a member of the American Museum of Fly Fishing and the Catskills Fly Fishing Center and Museum. When he's not guiding or fishing, Jeff is leading river restoration projects or planning fishing and conservation events and clinics.


New York



Rick is one of the most experienced guides on the famous Salmon river. He has spent over 30 years fishing and guiding clients to success targeting Salmon, Steelhead, and Lake Run Browns. Rick specializes in fly fishing and whether you are a beginner or seasoned pro, Rick has the skills and knowledge to help you make the most of your time on the water. He knows this river phenomenally well and has a stellar reputation for getting clients on fish. Not only is Rick an exceptional angler, he is also a great guy. Easygoing and fun to fish with, Rick checks all the boxes in what we look for in a great fly fishing guide. If you are thinking about hiring a guide for your next trip to the Salmon River or any of Lake Ontario’s tributaries, look no further than Rick Moscarello. Rod, Reels, and flies are included if needed.

C: 609-731-5557

P: 315-298-6460

Ben Rinker


Ben Rinker has spent a lifetime fishing the rivers of Pennsylvania and the Catskills and founded East Branch Outfitters in 2008 fulfilling a lifetime dream. Located in his lovely Hancock river-front farmhouse B&B nestled right on the banks of the Delaware East Branch, Ben daily floats all three Delaware Branches and hooks his clients up with amazing, wild Delaware River trout.

But more than simply catching fish, a float with Ben is a day of fishing, instruction (be it casting or entomology) and an awareness and appreciation of the wildlife and ecology of the amazing Delaware River ecosystem (Ben also participates in a DEC tracking which he and his clients are able to contribute to). All levels of anglers, from beginner to professional, benefit from Ben’s expertise and love of our sport. Ben has always believed that understanding the mechanics of basic as well as advanced fly fishing methods is an essential part of an angler’s success and enjoyment. To this end, Ben has designed a program to give each angler an understanding and knowledge of equipment, techniques and environmental conditions that will ultimately contribute to their successful journey as a fly angler. As a fly-tier, you can find Ben’s amazingly effective “Wunderbug” pattern in the Orvis catalogue.


Long Island Sound

Mike Platt


Mike up with a love a fishing, spending every waking minute fishing freshwater ponds, streams and the famed spring Striper runs of the Hudson River (and still does) in Westchester County, NY. Once he became old enough to drive, he found himself fishing the beaches and shorelines of Fairfield County, CT, where he caught my first Striper on the fly at age 16. Since that day Mike has spent the last 25 years in relentless pursuit of striped Bass, Bluefish, Bonito, albies (False Albacore) and Blackfish on light tackle in the Western Long Island Sound.

Mike says: “I can no longer call what I do fishing but rather a lifestyle. I live, eat, sleep and breathe this lifestyle. I am one of the area's only full-time guides with availability 7 days a week. Because, let’s face it; fishing is always best Monday through Friday. Fishing is not only good the weekends. Being that I am on the water most every day, I have an intimate knowledge of the current fishing conditions and techniques which translates into you getting into some nice fish.”

Mike is known for consistently finding fish, and nice ones at that. He targets large Stripers and is very good at it. Mike is a no-nonsense guide for anglers who are willing to fish hard to find quality fish. Fly or light spinning, he does it all with the knowledge and experience to put on fish. While he can’t make the cast for you, he will put you in the right place to give you best shot at a great day on the water.


Ben Burdine


Born and raised in Fairfield, Connecticut, Ben has over 25 years experience fishing on the Long Island Sound. An obsession with fishing saltwater began at a very young age. Ben’s earliest memories include spending long hours on his father’s 1989 20 foot Sport Craft, “Fish Byte”. During the mid-90s and 2000s, he primarily targeted Bluefish, Striped Bass and Bonito in Western Long Island Sound and around Nantucket. Since the 2010’s, Ben has shifted much of his attention to trophy Striped Bass and False Albacore inshore, as well as Yellowfin, and Bluefin Tuna offshore.

A Graduate of Fairfield Prep and Indiana University. Ben worked as a Marketing Brand Manager in New York City for over 6 years, commuting daily from Fairfield to the Empire State Building. At work, he became infamous for promptly leaving the office at 5:30pm during the months of June and July to ensure he could make it “from Midtown to Mid-sound” in order to catch the sunset bass bite. After March 2020, he began working from home which allowed him to fish even more, thus eventually leading him to pursue his life-long vocation of becoming a full-time fishing guide.

Ben is equally adept with a fly rod or spin rod, and guides anglers from expert to beginner level. He operates primarily in Western and Central Long Island Sound aboard his 20 foot Lefty Kreh edition Seacraft. Ben’s business moniker, Apex Angling CT, has a mission of making his clients the best anglers possible and to achieve their personal goals fishing saltwater.


Martha's Vineyard

Abbie Schuster


Abbie Schuster specializes in salt water for striped bass, false albacore, bluefish and bonito. Based out of Martha’s Vineyard & Maine she also fishes and guides in a variety of waters around the region. A native New Englander, she grew up fishing on Martha's Vineyard. After attending the University of Montana, and then Sweetwater Guide School, she eventually returned home to open Kismet Outfitters. Her goal is to have every client leave with lifelong memories, a stronger passion for fly fishing and conservation, and a greater understanding about the sport. She is a certified Maine guide, as well as CPR, First Aid, and Swift Water Rescue certified.




Kyle Schaefer


Kyle guides for striped bass but fishes for adventure, new experiences, and memories with new and old friends. Fly fishing is a conduit to the outdoors for Kyle, helping him to forge a deeper connection with the natural world. Chasing striped bass on the fly requires a strong bond with the tides, moon cycles, terrain, bait and weather. It's these challenging nuances that hold Kyle's attention. Kyle's passion for teaching is as strong as his love for fly fishing. Responsibly passing the sport on is essential to the health of our fisheries. Fly anglers often become stewards to the environment which include the fish and bait that call these waters home. Kyle's approach to guiding is centered around a calm, detailed, team oriented strategy. A client's success is always the greatest reward. In 2018, Kyle enters his 7th season of guiding. He has experience putting anglers on trout in the mountains of Northwest Colorado and he is a dedicated saltwater angler, captain and guide. June through September Kyle is immersed in his home saltwater fishery and is based out of Kittery, Maine. From October to the end of May, Kyle and his Fiancé, can be found managing one of the most highly regarded fly fishing lodges in the Caribbean, Bair's Lodge.


North Carolina

Zachary Davis


Zack Davis is native to North Carolina and a wading guide for Brown Trout Fly Fishing, LLC, one of North Carolina’s premier outfitters. He started with Brown Trout in 2017 and workshard to ensure success for everyone from beginners to experts. Zack is well versed in dry fly,nymphing, trout spey, and euro-nymphing techniques to accommodate any fly fishing preference. As a result, trips can be tailored to best suit the needs of the anglers ranging from stockie bashing for beginners, wild trout excursions for intermediate anglers, to private trout fisheries for trophy rainbows and browns. Zack is intimately familiar with the thousands of miles of public waters in North Carolina and will take you to the best streams in the state. He is a certified in Wilderness First-Aid and CPR First-Aid. He also has his Leave-No-Trace certification and is North Carolina’s first and only Carbon Neutral Guide. Easy going and a blast to fish with, Zack is incredibly professional and dialed in on the multiple fisheries that North Carolina has to offer. We highly recommend Zack if you are thinking about a guided trip in North Carolina.

Locations: Davison River, Pigeon RIver, Mills River, Appalachian Backcountry, Balsam’s Drainages, Pisgah National Forest.
(828) 222-5020