March 18, 2015 1 min read

As I’ve written before, I like hunting stripers in Boston Harbor. From a boat, or from shore, I’ve had decent luck around the harbor — which, if you ask any of my former colleagues at CLF, is remarkable. Though he wouldn’t put it quite like this, my former colleague Peter Shelley is the one who filed the lawsuit that lead to the cleanup of Boston Harbor. When I showed him photos of the stripers we caught there two years ago, he was amazed — and enormously pleased.

This past year, the fishing in Boston harbor was decent, though my honey hole seems to have run dry. I did find some new spots, north and south. And I did catch some stripers with the skyline in the distance and the planes overhead. Most of them this year were schoolies; I didn’t pull, or see anyone pull, anything of any size out of the harbor on a fly this year.

This year, I did bring along a camera, and got some shots from our adventures fly fishing for striped bass in Boston harbor. Hope you enjoy!

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