June 06, 2018 1 min read

On the Farmington River, Guide Jeff Yates from Fly Fishing Connecticut  (guide@flyfishingct.com) reports that with the recent warm weather, clear skies and moderate flows, anglers have been flocking to the Farmington and the fishing pressure has certainly made the trout more challenging to come by. Jeff suggests focusing on the faster riffle currents with a double nymph rig and strike indicator. As the lead fly on this rig try fishing a large, heavy nymph (such as a Stonefly) and a much smaller (size #18-#20) Caddis emerger, mayfly or a pattern such as a Zebra or Frenchie dropped off it. A lighter tippet (such as a 6X) will help with finicky, educated fish. Jeff also suggests hanging on the slower pools until dark for some excellent dry fly action. You'll find Caddis (#16-#18), Sulphurs (#16) BWO (#18-#22), Vitreus (#14-#16) and a few March Browns and Gray Fox still lingering.