August 09, 2017 3 min read

Greetings Compleat Anglers!  Here is your fishing report for August 9th.

We are in summer conditions for both Catskill and Connecticut rivers. However, we have been fortunate to have had on-and-off rains and some unseasonably cool weather which has kept the rivers in better shape than usual and reduced the stress on the trout. In general, dry fly fishing in all rivers is best from evening into dark and beyond. In many cases, the best hatches occur just before dark, so don't give up and leave the river too early. Depending upon the river, there is also some hatching in the early mornings but it generally phases out as the sun gets higher on the river.

In the Catskills, best dry fly bets are on the Delaware Upper West Branch (in Deposit and Stilesville) and the Upper Delaware East Branch. Look for Sulphurs and small Olives on this water. Summer hatches include BWO (#20-24), Light Cahills (#14), Iso (#12 & #14), and green and also tan Caddis (#16-#18).  During the day, high-sticking small nymphs in the riffles and deeper runs has been effective. For the Lower Delaware East Branch, Main Stem and Beaverkill, check water temperatures before venturing out. These areas have been starting the day out at around 62 degrees, and depending upon the weather, they can quickly reach 68 degrees and beyond, so best not to add too much stress to these fish.

Catskill flows and temperatures are as follows:

Delaware West Branch at Hale Eddy:   590cfs at 46 degrees;

Delaware East Branch at Fish's Eddy:  529cfs at 62 degrees;

Delaware Main Stem at Lordville:   1440cfs at 62 degrees;

Beaverkill at Cook's Falls:   211cfs at 62 degrees

(Remember, the above water temperatures are morning temperatures, so check the water as you begin to fish.)

In Connecticut, water temperatures on the Farmington River West Branch have been in the high 50s to mid 60s - so the trout are happy.  Obviously, water temps are lower in the upper stretches in Riverton below the dam, and they increase as you work into the lower stretches of river. Best dry fly action is happening just before dark and beyond so don't be in a hurry to get off the river.  Mornings and afternoons have been slow, but occasionally you can find an afternoon hatch and have some good fish working. For fishing dries, key flies are Caddis (#18-#24), Isos (#12-#14), BWO (#18-#24), and Cahills (#14). There are still some Sulphurs (#16-#22) but only on the Upper River approaching the Dam. Also, be sure to have some Rusty Spinners along, as well as some ants and beetles - occasionally fish that refuse your mayfly imitations (even if they're matching a happening hatch) will take a whack at an ant or beetle.  During the day, small nymphs (#18-#22) as well as Golden and Brown Stoneflies (#6-#12) will be effective fish in the riffs and deeper runs. Over the past month, there have been some huge fish taken on nymphs!

In the Housatonic, water temperatures have hovered around 66 degrees, which has produced some great Smallmouth Bass fishing. Remember, there are Thermal Refuge rules for trout from June 15th through September 15th - no fishing within 100 feet of marked tributaries. Best fly bets for Smallmouth are streamers and nymphs fished in the riffs and runs, and small poppers in the afternoon and evenings.  For Bass, floating the upper river has been a productive option. There have been White Flies on the river - look for them in the evenings around 8:00PM.

River flows in Connecticut are as follows:

Farmington West Branch at Riverton:  256cfs in the high 50s'

Still River at Robertsville:  33cfs 

Farmington West Branch through the TMA:  289cfs in the high 50s/low60s;

Housatonic River at Falls Village:  270cfs at 66 degrees

In Long Island Sound, there are summer conditions. On calmer days, out in the middle-sound there have been some big Bluefish cruising that present opportunity for sight-casting, but the weather over the past week has slowed that down considerably. Inshore, schoolie bass and harbor blues have been scarce. Best bets off the beaches are morning before sun-up and evening after dark.  The good news is that Fall is just around the corner!

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