May 11, 2017 3 min read

Greetings Compleat Anglers!  Here is your fishing report for May 11th:

Fishing has been hot in both Connecticut and Catskill waters. Water levels have been high but have been slowly dropping over the past week. Water temps are still very cold (40's and low 50's) but the hatches have been strong and the fish are up and eating.

The Delaware River system has had great action over the past week. Hatching on both the Main Stem and the West Branch has been stellar, with Hendricksons blanketing the surface and fish (very picky) on them. Also, there have been huge hatches of caddis - both small tan (#18) and Apple (#16).  I fished the East Branch on Monday and took several huge fatties on a white articulated streamer and missed several more.David Nelson nailed a gorgeous 21" Brown on a caddis pattern on the Main Stem on Tuesday. Water levels on the East and West branches are just beginning to get back to safe wading levels - let's hope that the rain scheduled for this weekend up in the Hancock is just showers and that water levels continue to drop slowly! Suggested fly patterns for all three branches are as follows: Hendrickson (#14), Rusty Spinners (#16), March Browns (#12), Tan Caddis (#18), Apple Caddis (#14-16), BWO (#18-20), Paraleps (#16-18), Black & Brown Stoneflies (#14). For wets, Hendrickson nymphs, Pheasant tail nymphs, BH Hare's Ear nymphs, BH Prince nymphs, Stonefly nymphs, and Caddis Emergers and Pupa. Streamers are still really effective - best colors are white, black and olive.

The Beaverkill and Willowemoc are at stellar wading levels and the Beaverkill is running at a cool 46 degrees. Both rivers are in perfect shape, and all the hatches mentioned above for the Delaware apply to the Beaverkill and Willowemoc as well.

In Connecticut, the West Branch of the Farmington is running high as the dam for the reservoir in Riverton has been opened resulting in a flow of 850cfs through the TMA. This makes wading much more difficult, although not impossible. Just be carful and if you're not familiar with the river, don't take any chances. Nymphs and streamers are accounting for most of the fish at the moment, and some gorgeous fish have been taken over the past week. There are still Hendricksons every afternoon through the TMA, as well as Rusty Spinners in the late afternoons and evenings. Nymphs, wets and soft hackles such as BH Hare's Ear, BH Pheasant Tail, BH Prince, Stoneflies and caddis have been consistently taking fish. And don't forget to include a wooly bugger or green weenie in your box as well.

The Housatonic is still running high at 1940cfs and 53 degrees at Falls Village. It has been stocked heavily with some beautiful trout, and there will be an additional stocking of big rainbows soon - perhaps even this coming weekend. Hendricksons are finally on the river! Look for Rusty Spinners in the afternoons as well. Nymphs such as Hare's Ear, BH Pheasant Tail, BH Prince, Caddis Pupa, Hendricksons, as well as San Juan Worms, Egg Patterns, Green Weenies and streamers are taking many fish as well.

River Flows are as Follows:

Catskill Rivers

West Branch Delaware at Stilesville:  1670cfs at 51 degrees;

West Branch Delaware at Hale's Eddy:  2150cfs at 48 degrees;

East Branch Delaware at Fishes Eddy: 1600cfs at 47 degrees;

Main Stem Delaware at Lordville:  5110cfs at 49 degrees;

Beaverkill at Cooks Falls:  695cfs at 46 degrees;

Connecticut Rivers:

West Branch Farmington at Riverton:  600cfs at 46 degrees;

West Branch Farmington through the TMA:  850cfs in the high 40's;

Housatonic River at Falls Village:  1940cfs at 53 degrees;

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