Kennebec River Fishing Report



  • Type: Trout, Landlocked Salmon, Striped Bass
  • Season: Usually April 1 - October 31 on most water, though regulations do vary. Please check the official regulations for the latest.

The Kennebec watershed is large, encompassing nearly 1/5th of the entire state of Maine. As far as fishing is concerned, the river is really a tale of two systems. North of Augusta, a series of dams divide the river up into separate, often slow, sections where trout and landlocked salmon fishing can be had. Below Augusta, the river runs free and tidal and fishing by boat for stripers and other inshore saltwater species is the name of the game. The Kennebec's dams are a mixed blessing for most anglers: on the upside they tend to keep water temperatures a little cooler, but of course, the releases can be volatile and the dams themselves block fish passage and create other environmental issues.