Nantucket Fishing Report



  • Type: Striped Bass, Bluefish
  • Season: 

While it takes some time to get there, Nantucket offers some incredible fishing opportunities. Weather you run over by boat, fly, or take the ferry, once you arrive you will understand why this is one of the best saltwater destinations in the Northeast. Due to its reputation for being expensive and hard to get to, Nantucket has far less pressure than other locations and the fishing can be lights-out with not a single other angler in sight. Nantucket has miles and miles of beaches that can be accessed during the spring and fall when stripers, blues, bonito, and false albacore can be found crashing bait right in the surf. Fall will see huge numbers of all four of these species, while spring will be primarily stripers with some Bluefish mixed in. Nantucket also has miles of flats that can be poled or walked when searching for cruising stripers. The water here is almost always clear and with the sandy bottom these fish can be easily spotted and sight-fished to. A boat is great to have while fishing the island but by no means necessary. Aside from the residential epicenter and a few spots with limited access, most of the island is very fishable by foot. Nantucket also offers access to pelagic species such as tuna, dolphin, and mako shark. Bluefin tuna can be found 20 miles off the island and targeting these species is a much easier undertaking than leaving from the mainland. For this reason, many anglers will target bluefins during the summer months. Nantucket is a beautiful place to fish with plenty of opportunities and far less pressure than other locations in the Northeast. Although it may take some time and a little more money to get there, what you will find is phenomenal fishing opportunity with plenty of great options.


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