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October 03, 2018

This weekend a few of us went to Cape Cod to fish for false albacore — and albacore we did find. The weather went from downright plague-like to beautiful, but the chew stayed fairly strong. Here’s some photos from the weekend.

Friday: Choppy for the Chew

Brutally rainy. Those of us who were wearing Gore Tex regretted it; our jackets and failed completely. Water ran down my legs into my XtraTuf boots until I was squishing around the boat, standing in a few inches of water in my own boots. And yet — often snotty weather is albie weather. With eyes so big, weather works to the fisherman’s advantage: between waves and poor light, they can’t tell the real deal from a fake. We found feeding fish in the snot, and had a great day.

Saturday: Forecast for bright, clear, and fish all day

Dawn broke on Saturday clear and bright. The chop was down but the bite was heavy. We found fish all day long — a bit picky in the middle of the day, but the action picked back up as the afternoon wore on.

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