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Book Signing and Presentation: Fly Fishing The Battenkill by Doug Lyons

9/23/2023 @ 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

We will be joined by angler and author Doug Lyons, who will share his Battenkill expertise with the Compleat Angler audience. Topics covered will include: 

  • A History of Brown Trout on the Battenkill
  • The fishing access, hatches, patterns, and strategies for both the Vermont and New York stretches of the river, as well as its major tributaries, including both its East and West Branches near Dorset and Roaring Branch, Green River, and Bromley Brook.

  • Observation, Approach, Presentation and Pattern; Hunting for Trophy Battenkill Brown Trout
  • Fishing the Trico Hatch on the Battenkill; Strategies for Success
  • We’ll have copies, Doug will bring copies and also fly tying material and he’ll do a demo of tying the flies that bring in the fish!

Patagonia 2024 Trip Presentation

9/28/2023 @ 7:00 PM

Refreshments will be served. RSVP's Requested.

Patagonia Fly Fishing

Join us for a presentation on fishing Patagonia by Gustavo Hiebaum from Set Fly Fishing. He will be discussing various fly fishing opportunities in Patagonia.

More information:

Please RSVP at: 203-655-9400 or email


Tightlined Slam - Eastern Long Island Sound


The Tightlined Slam - both Western Sound (weekend of 10/13) and Eastern Sound(weekend of 9/29) - are catch-and-release tournaments run by the Tightlined Conservation Coalition that contribute proceeds directly to conservation while awarding prizes to top anglers in pre-determined categories - see The Fishing for more details. The 2023 Tightlined Slam once again proudly supports The American Saltwater Guides Association, which was created to activate and unite guides, small business owners and like-minded anglers, and to represent them and their voice at the federal, regional and state level.

The 2023 Tightlined Slam will also be supporting Save A Million Bass (SAMB), a project that shares our goal of educating and activating the recreational angling community around conservation and how to best treat and build our fishery resources. Using the latest technology, SAMB looks to educate anglers about rules and regulations and the best catch and release techniques. Using QR Codes placed on stickers and digital tags, SAMB is able to do what has seldom been done in saltwater fishing - educate anglers directly before they cast a line. The idea for Save A Million Bass comes from a recognition that catch and release is only a start and that better techniques are needed to reduce the mortality of released fish. It also fills a vital gap in conservation efforts, using technology to educate the fishing community about the latest regulations and techniques.


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