March 24, 2014 2 min read

With spring approaching — it is approaching, I tell myself, despite what the weather does — I’ve stated tying regularly again. I’m trying to prepare for the season, sure. And I’m enjoying it. But I’m also enjoying remembering last season, and dreaming of plans for this coming one. My good friend Anton has described fishing as “pleasure deferred.” I agree, though instances like this the pleasure is somehow both: deferred and immediate, present and future tense. Part of that pleasure lies in experimenting. And experimenting I have been.

I’ve been tying some saltwater patterns that I don’t often tie. When not experimenting with striped bass fly patterns , I’ve been tying some Atlantic salmon patterns. See below for photos and details about all of these.

Comments, suggestions, and stories of your own patterns are welcome in the comments — as always!

Variation on Rich Murphy’s Pamet Special

Hook: Gamakatsu SC17 1/0 Saltwater Series (I usually tie this on a 2/0, but this is a small version.)

Eye: Flat Prism Decal 1/4″

Belly & Body: Mylar braid over darkening layers of UV Krystal, topped with a few strands of peacock herl

Throat: Red Krystal Flash

Note: This is a variation because Rich Murphy recommends using some natural feathers in his Pamets. I tried this one with all synthetics. I think it came out pretty well, but can see the advantage of having more body mass.

Classic Blue Charm

Hook: Alec Jackson #4

Tip: UNI-frensh small oval tinsel

Tag: Yellow floss

Tail: Golden pheasant crest

Butt: Peacock Herl

Body: Black floss

Throat: Blue hackle

Wing: Squirrel

Ghost Stone Fly:

Hook: Partridge Salar (by Mikael Frodin) Double #5

Wing:Angel Hair (Blue/Pearl), Schlappen, and Micro Mirage Lateral Scale

Thread: UTC Ultra 140 Fluorescent Green

Floss: Chartreuse floss

Parachute Post: 30 lbs. Maxima tippet, w/h the end burned by a lighter to form a small ball

Hackle: Grizzly, wound parachute style on the Maxima, under the yellow bead

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