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There is one in every family. Their waders are always damp. They disappear inexplicably for weeks on end during the spring and early summer. They're frequently muttering about "hatches" and strange latin words for bugs. They seem to always have odd bits of fur and feathers stuck to their clothes. You know the ones we're talking about: Trout Bums!

If that sounds like someone you know, we've got you covered this holiday season. Below you'll find our gifting guide for the Trout Bum in your life. Will these things only further feed their fishing addiction? You bet. But they will be happiest trout bum around when they see any of these gifts under the tree.

Scott Radian Fly Rod
1. Scott Radian Fly Rod
Our top selling rod and for good reason. Light, powerful, and a dream to cast, the Scott Radian has it all. With the ability to punch streamers as well as lightly present dries this one of the best trout sticks on the market. This rod is everything you would expect in a top tier fly rod and for the angler in your life who deserves something truly special, this is the ideal gift.

Sage Igniter Fly Rod
2. Sage Igniter Fly Rod
This was one of the most anticipated rods for us this year and it did not disappoint. This is Sage’s new ultra-fast rod and it is an absolute cannon. Big hoppers, weighted articulated streamers, sink tips, full sinking lines - this rod will laugh at them all. The Igniter will generate immediate line speed and turn over BIG flies at 80 feet no problem. This rod in a 6 or 7 weight will be an incredible streamer rod while the 4 and 5wt will be a great long distance dry fly rod. For anglers who like fast rods this is the one - look no further.

Sage Dart Fly Rod
3. Sage Dart Fly Rod
Sage’s newest small-stream rod is the Dart. This little beauty is a highly castable and enjoyable rod that will out-perform most rods in its class. This rod is fast while still remaining in that “mid-flex” category. What that means to the angler is that, you can roll cast and present flies delicately while also having the ability to cast much farther when need be (especially compared to other softer rods). We have already sold a number of them and our customers have all agreed that it’s a perfect and capable small stream rod. It is one of our favorites this year.

Redington Vice Fly Rod
4. Redington Vice Fly Rod
This rod continues to surprise us. There is not a whole lot this rod won’t do - in fact it has so much versatility that it seems to do most everything well. Best of all, at this price, the Redington Vice won’t break the bank. We've had great reports from steelhead, saltwater, and trout anglers all of whom have really liked this rod. It loads beautifully and in the heavier weights can handle big flies and sinking lines. Lastly, this rod is also durable which can be hard to find with rods at this price point. Another good one from Redington and at the top of our list for rods under 400 dollars.

Echo Carbon Fly Rod
5. Echo Carbon XL Fly Rod
The Echo Carbon XL is a very light and responsive rod, and another great pickup for the price. With good aesthetics, surprising castability and a rod tube included, how can you go wrong at 149 bucks? (answer: you won't) This rod was definitely designed for trout fishing, with 2wt-6wt available in multiple lengths. It's a great option for adding a specialty rod to your arsenal and we've liked it most with with weight forward floating lines. Can’t go wrong with this one.

Sage Foundation Kit
6. Sage Foundation Outfit
As far as outfits go, this may be as good as it gets. The Sage Foundation is a phenomenal rod, plain and simple. This rod loads perfectly, generates line speed with ease, turns over flies at distance, and feels incredibly light in the hand. Sage has a reputation for “faster” rods and the Foundation is no exception. Weighted streamers are no problem, though even at top speed this rod will present close in as well. With a matte black finish and matching hardware, this outfit looks good too. No hassle of finding the right reel or line ether. The rod comes with the Sage Spectrum C fly reel and corresponding Rio Gold fly lines (one of our top sellers). This is sweet set up at a sweet price.

Redington Path Outfit
7. Redington Path Outfit
For that angler that is just starting out the Redington Path Outfit is a fantastic choice. The outfit comes with everything rigged and ready to go and is a very capable and easy-to-use fly rod. The Path is a moderate to fast action all-water rod that can handle everything from bass to trout. Also included is the Crosswater reel rigged for left-hand wind with a floating fly line and leader already attached. It's ready to go right out of the box! This a perfect first rod for any age angler and comes with a warranty which is critical when it comes to a first rod. A great choice for someone new to trout fishing but whom you suspect will become a full-blown trout bum!

Simms G3 Guide Stockingfoot Waders
8. Simms G3 Guide Stocking Foot Wader
For the angler that is hard on waders, this may be the best gift you could ever get them. The importance of a durable, breathable, and comfortable pair of waders with the right set of features cannot be understated. Simms has been the leader in waders for years and the Simms G3 Guide Stocking Foot Wader is a perfect example why. These waders are extremely tough with full Gore-Tex construction, and they breathe well and are extremely comfortable. The G3 Guides also have multiple attachments and pockets to hold all the gear every angler has. This is the newest version of Simms’ best selling wader and they hit the nail on the head. Again.

Simms G3 Tactical Jacket
9. Simms G3 Tactical Jacket
This our favorite jacket from Simms this year. The G3 Tactical has all the compartments you need without being bulky, and has some nice touches with forceps and nipper reactors built in. It is constructed with Gore-Tex making it 100% waterproof during the most insane deluges yet will still breathe and keep moisture out. And we're not the only ones who think this is one sweet jacket - it's been getting rave review from our customers. This may be the last fishing jacket you ever need to buy!

Orvis Nippers
10. Orvis Nippers
A uniquely designed, laser-sharp nipper at a good price! The lowly nipper is a tool that every angler uses every time on the water. Sometimes a hundred times a day. That's thousands of times a year! The cheap ones will get dull quickly which is why the Orvis Nipper is a great gift for any angler. The Tungsten Carbide cutting blades will stay sharp much longer and can be replaced after years of use. The ergonomic design allows for easy, precise cutting and the rust resistant finish will guarantee years of worry free use. Are they worth the money? Every penny!

Fishpond Thunderhead Sling
11. Fishpond Thunderhead Sling
Slings have grown exponentially in popularity over the years and have now become probably the most popular tackle system out there. The Fishpond thunderhead sling is one of our top sellers, and with good reason. It is completely watertight making it perfect for both saltwater and freshwater anglers. It also has incredible capacity without being too cumbersome. Lastly, it has multiple gear attachment points and will keep any gear dry during rain, snow, or even when completely submerged. In short, it's a seriously great sling for serious anglers.

Patagonia Stealth Atom Sling
12. Patagonia Stealth Atom Sling
Another great tackle system from Patagonia! The Stealth Atom Sling has everything going for it and we liked this one a lot. It is the perfect size for an all-day fishing trip. It will hold a lunch, water, a rain layer and plenty of other gear essential to your time on the water. This sling also has a fold-out work station, which we found to be a very nice feature while rigging in the water. It has multiple gear attachment points and well thought out compartmentalization. It also comes in two neutral colors so you don’t spook those fish. A great option for almost any angler.

Simms Midstream Insulated Jacket
13. Simms Midstream Insulated Jacket
The new Simms Midstream Insulated Jacket is a great fall and winter weight jacket with the harsh elements in mind. It will function as a warm midlayer under a wading jacket or as a warm outer layer when the snow or rain is not falling. With a polyester fill, the Midstream Jacket will resist moisture and won’t get destroyed if you fall into the water. The polyester fill also allows the jacket to dry quickly meaning you can get back out on the water and not lose a whole days fishing. Two thumbs up from our staff and customers.

Ross Evolution R Reel Limited Edition Olive Matte
14. Ross R Limited Edition Matte Olive Reel
The Ross R salt came out late last year and was a hit! This reel has a lot going for it. With a large diameter, this reel picks up line very quickly and will prevent memory in your fly line. It is incredibly light for its size and yet does not sacrifice durability - the quality of this reel is exactly what you would expect from Ross. Initially this reel was only offered in Matte Black and Titanium, however they have just released the Limited Edition Matte Moss color for the holiday season. This reel looks sweet and for the angler who likes something not everyone has, this is the reel for them. Only Available while in stock! These can not be backordered so don't delay.

Simms Intruder Bicomp LS Shirt
15. Simms Intruder Bicomp LS Shirt
Who doesn't love a new shirt? This is always a safe bet during the holidays and for the angler in your life, a new fishing shirt might be just what he needs. The Intruder Bicomp Shirt from Simms is one of our favorites. Light and breathable, this is a perfect shirt for all seasons. It can be layered over on chilly days and worn alone when the mercury rises. With front zippered pockets and 50 UPF, this quick drying shirt is perfect for a long day on the water.

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