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Fly anglers can be a finicky lot. We obsess over the tiniest details when it comes to the flies we use, the spots we fish, and the tackle that makes it possible. That's also what makes it challenging to pick a gift for the angler in your life. However, whether it's your fishing buddy, a friend, or a member of your family, we've sat down and put together a can't-miss gift guide to make sure that you'll wow them this holiday season. Take it from us: running a busy shop year round we've seen almost everything and know how to spot a great piece of gear when we see one. Without further ado, here is our 2020 holiday gift guide!


1) Scott Centric or Sector Fly Rod

When it comes to quality Scott Fly rods is one of the top rod manufacturers in the country. They make some of the best sticks on the market, without question, and Scott’s new rods for 2020, the Centric and Sector, are no exception. These are flagship models and wow do they impress. The Centric is their freshwater option and has unmatched castability. It throws a line beautifully and has a very intuitive feel. It is helium light while still being one of the stronger rods on the market with Scott’s signature unfinished blank. It is a “fast rod” but still has plenty of feel and versatility in close. The Sector can be described as being “fast with feel.” It has punching power when you need it and enough feel to make a fast rod enjoyable to cast all day. Tough as nails and light, the Sector would be right at home on a Bonefish flat, Striper rip, jungle river, and everywhere in between. Big flies, sinking lines, small flies and floating lines, this rod does it all. Both of these rods have been executed to perfection and make a great ultimate holiday gift for the angler that has been extra good this year. Made in the USA.

2) Simms G3 Stocking Foot Waders

The Simms G3 Stockingfoot Waders are a no-brainer gift. These are the Cadillac of waders - they’re breathable, durable, comfortable, and with all the features any angler could want. Those who have them, love them, and those who don’t, want them. It’s that simple. They are widely regarded as the industry standard and a great flagship gift for both beginners and seasoned pros. With an incredible warranty, customization options, a wide size range, it is no surprise that these our top selling wader each year. Sizing can be difficult if you are not familiar with how waders fit but not to worry! Refer to the Simms or sizing chart or give us a call. We are very experienced at sizing waders to fit. Made in the USA.

3) Sage Sonic or Maverick Fly Rod

Sage came out with the Sonic and Maverick this year and we must say, these rods are incredible. These are their new mid-price-point rods but if you ask us, they are underpriced and the value for money is as good as it gets. These rods have great components, are durable, very light in the hand, and best of all, they cast exceptionally well. We were shocked at how well these rods throw a line and at 575 bucks, you can’t beat it. The Sonic is their freshwater version and the Maverick is the Saltwater equivalent. These rods will put a smile on the face of any fly angler regardless of casting ability. They are that good. Made in the USA.

4) Nautilus NV-G Reel

If you want to get a saltwater angler the ultimate gift for the holidays, the Nautilus NV-G fly reel cannot be surpassed. This is the benchmark that all other saltwater reels aspire to. Above all, these reels are bullet proof and a completely water-tight drag system means years of maintenance-free perfection. They are also surprisingly lightweight given their strength, and will leave you casting comfortably through any and all conditions. Lastly, this reels balances beautifully on all rods and comes in custom colors as well as the standard black and silver, which allows you to dial in the look you want. In short, for saltwater anglers this reel is as good as it gets. Made in the USA.

5) Galvan Torque Reel

If we had to pick one freshwater reel, the Galvan Torque would be our top choice. This reel is impressive in every way. The silky smooth yet powerful drag offers zero startup inertia and provides serious stopping power when you need it. A machined aluminum frame and spool provides rigidity and durability to ensure a lifetime on the water. Adequate porting has also resulted in a lightweight reel but the folks at Galvan didn't go overboard at the expense of strength. The result is a reel that will take an incredible amount of abuse and never miss a beat. The Torque has a wide spool for plenty of backing capacity and will accommodate any fly line imaginable. This reel also comes in 9 size so that you can perfectly matched it to virtually any rod and line weight, something that has become less and less common in the industry. We could go on and on about this reel, but in short, it would make a great gift for the freshwater angler. And just to top it off the Torque also comes in 5 colors so that you can make sure that it is perfectly suited to his or her style. Made in the USA

6) Yeti Soft Coolers

Need a portable refrigerator/freezer? The Yeti Soft coolers are as portable as it gets and will keep anything you need ice-cold. The Hopper, Hopper M30, and Hopper Backflip are all easily carried, stored, packed and extremely durable. They are air and water tight so there is no worry about bringing them on long car trips. There are sizes for all needs and situations making them the perfect gift for anyone who is constantly on the go. We all love the hard coolers but, let’s face it - they are heavy and not very portable. These soft coolers are much more practical for day-to-day use. For anglers, hunters, hikers, and beach bums, the Yeti soft cooler lineup provides the perfect gift.

7) Fishpond Sling Pack

Fishpond makes some of the best tackle systems in the industry. They are well designed, durable, functional, fairly priced, and look great. As a result, they are consistently our top selling brand for both fresh and saltwater anglers. The Fishpond Thunderhead Sling is their water proof option and great gift idea for the Saltwater Angler. It has plenty of capacity for a full day on the water while keeping everything inside it completely dry. The Fishpond Summit Sling is a phenomenal freshwater option very popular with the trout anglers. It has optimal compartmentalization, plenty of capacity, and all the features that serious river anglers need.


8) Simms Coldweather Shirt

Who doesn’t need another shirt? We all do. However, fly anglers want something that is more tailored to their favorite sport and pastime and the Simms ColdWeather shirt is just the thing. This shirt will do double duty as a cold conditions fishing shirt and a casual shirt to wear around town. It is warm and comfortable, perfect for those cold morning drives to the river, or, when it’s so bad that it is time to stay home, to tie flies in. The ColdWeather is polyester and will dry quickly and it has a poly fleece waffle lining making it a very practical layering option. This shirt has been a top seller among our anglers and most typically end up with more than one.

9) Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket/Vest

The Nano Puff vest and Jacket have become something of a prerequisite for anglers and non-anglers alike. This series from Patagonia has been wildly successful and it's easy to see why. Comfortable, lightweight, warm, and fashionable, the Nano Puff is great for both fishing and for walking around town. It is shockingly warm for its weight which is one of the reasons why it has been so popular. You can dress it up or down, wear it in the outdoors or out to dinner. You can’t miss with this one.

10) Patagonia Better Sweater

One of Patagonia’s top selling items of all time: the ¼ Zip Better Sweater. This poly fleece midweight jacket is about as versatile a gift as you can buy. Men, women, kids, anglers, outdoor enthusiasts, college students - really anybody would love this snazzy fleece jacket. This will function as great mid-layer and on mild days, it is plenty warm all by itself. Then, when the mercury drops, wear it comfortably under almost any winter coat and you're good to go. The Polyester blend provides breathability and is quick drying making it as practical as it is fashionable.

11) Yeti Rambler

There is no easier gift than the Yeti Rambler. With multiple sizes and colors to choose from there are plenty of great options for this popular drinkware. This insulated tumbler has become one of the best-selling pieces of drinkware on the market. Well known for keeping drinks hot all day, it also works great keeping drinks cold for the same amount of time. With a durable scratch-resistant finish and vibrant colors, you can’t miss with this gift. A MagSlider lid makes prevents spills and dishwasher safe materials means you’re always ready for a drink on the go.

12) Sage Foundation Outfit

If you are looking to get an angler their first fly fishing set up, look no further than the Sage Foundation outfit. The Foundation comes complete with a rod, reel, fly line, backing, leader, and a case to hold it all. Many shoppers are at a loss when it comes to buying a full set up for a fly angler in their lives. This is great place to start. The Sage Foundation is great rod that will work in a wide variety of situations. The only homework you need to do is to figure out what type of fishing the angler will be doing. The most versatile weight for trout will be 9 foot 5wt. The most versatile saltwater will be 9 foot 8wt. Contact us and we can help you get the right weight rod for the right fishery.

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