June 25, 2016 2 min read

Greetings Compleat Anglers!  Trout fishing is very much under summer conditions, with some rivers being too low and warm to fish effectively and other rivers still fishing well. This week Catskill rivers were a mixed bag. The East Branch and Main Stem of the Delaware pushed 68 degrees and were/are sufficiently low to discourage most trout fishing except on the upper stretches of the East Branch where the water is still cool. However, the West Branch has enjoyed a good release from Cannonsville of around 550 cfs, so has stayed in the 40s and 50s and great for floating and wading. There have been hatches of Sulfurs on some stretches, and Olives (#18-#20) on others that the fish have keyed in on. There are also a smattering of Cahills (#14) and Isos (#10-#20.)  Most intense hatching is just before dark so take advantage 9of the long days and stay on the river a little longer! On upper stretches, keep an eye out for

Here in Connecticut, the Farmington River has been fishing wonderfully. As a tailwater, the river has maintained water temps of between 50-60 degrees. There have been heavy hatches of Sulfurs, as well as Olives (#18-#20), Cahills (#14), Tan Caddis (#16), and some Isos (#12 & #14) as well and fishermen report that fish have been rising well, with some large fish taken.

On the other hand, the Housatonic River has been very low and warm and the fished are stressed as a result. So it is probably best to avoid trout fishing on the Housatonic at this time.

Long Island Sound has been active, with water temperatures in the low to mid 60s.  There have been bass and bluefish close to shore and out in mid-sound, so the guys throwing off the beaches have been scoring some fish. There is lots of bait, including silversides, bunker and  sand eels, and fishing has been great from Greenwich up to Fairfield. Most of the bass closer-in to shore have been schoolies, with some huge bass and blues taken mid-sound. Clousers, Sand-Eel imitations, small streamers, crease flies, as well as a variety of plugs and baits have all been working well.

Here’s Current River Flow Information: (Remember, water temps are from morning readings, so will rise during the day)

Delaware East Branch at Fishs Eddy:   249cfs at5 66 degrees

Delaware West Branch at Hale Eddy:   648cfs at 47 degrees

Delaware Main Stem at Lordville:  905cfs at 66 degrees

West Branch Farmington through the TMA:  284cfs at 55 degrees

Housatonic at Falls Village:  280 cfs and very warm

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