June 16, 2016 2 min read

Greetings Compleat Anglers!  Summer has set in and fishing remains strong, both in our freshwater rivers and in Long Island Sound!

Catskill rivers are very much in a summer pattern, with clear water and summer hatches in full swing. All of the Delaware River system along with the Beaverkill and Willowemoc are on the low side and anglers should keep an eye on water temperatures – especially in the freestone waters which tend to warm quickly. In the Delaware system, there have been good hatches of Sulphurs, Olives, Cahills, Isos and Caddis. Of course, towards evening, have spinner patterns ready as well- especially Sulphur and Iso immitations. During the sunny afternoons, anglers have been doing well in the riffs with nymphs such as Stoneflies, Iso patterns, Pheasant Tails and Sulphur emergers. There is light rain and overcast forecasted today through Saturday which should make for some excellent fishing. All rivers are easily wadeable.

The Farmington and Housatonic have been both fishing exceedingly well.  Both rivers have boasted hatches of Sulphurs (#16) Isoychia, tan Caddis, Pink Lady, Cahills, Olives and Stoneflies. Bob Reichert was on the Housatonic last night and had a banner evening. It was a bug soup with many patterns hatching at once, but an Alder Fly blindly prospected along the banks accounted for some beautiful fish. Sy Balsen was on the Farmington yesterday and scored well with a variety of dries and nymphs. Especially effective nymph patterns were Caddis pupa, Iso patterns, Prince and stoneflies as well. Sy also took some beautiful fish on a Sulphur dry (size #16).

In Long Island Sound, lots of bait has kept some nice schoolie bass very active, both in the river mouths, along the beaches in the early morning and especially out in mid-Sound along with some bigger fish. Both spin-fishermen and fly-rodders have been banging fish on the surface with some beautiful Stripers  coming to the boat.

River Flows are as follows:

(keep in mind these temperatures are morning readings so temps will rise at least 3-7 degrees)

WB Delaware at Hale Eddy:  580cfs  at 49 degrees

EB Delaware at Fishes Eddy:  375cfs at 64 degrees

EB Delaware at Harvard:  179cfs at 59 degrees

Main Stem Delaware at Lordville:   1010cfs at 65 degrees

Beaverkill at Cook’s Falls:  166cfs

WB Farmington at Riverton:  281cfs at 51 degrees

Still River:   44cfs

WB Farmington through CMA:   325cfs at 53 degrees

Housatonic at Falls Village:  534cfs

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