May 11, 2016 2 min read

Greetings Compleat Anglers!  Finally the sun has broken through once again! With warmer air temperatures, there should be some great fishing weather over the next couple of weeks. Both Connecticut and Catskill rivers are in great shape and nicely wadeable. Water temperatures are still in the high 40’s through the low 50’s, so perfect for both dry and nymph activity. Hatching has been prolific with Hendricksons (yes, there are still Hendricksons on some rivers!), Blue Quills, Olives, March Browns, Tan and Apple Caddis, Rusty Spinners on any given day.  In Connecticut, both the Farmington and Housatonic are at a great level for wading, with good action on both dries and nymphs. Predominant flies for both rivers are Olives and Caddis, with still some Hendricksons and Hendrickson spinners as well. Nymph fishing has been very effective with Caddis larva, Prince, Black and Golden Stoneflies, Hendrickson nymphs and Zebra nymphs leading the pack.

In the Catskills, all branches of the Delaware are wadeable (although the Mainstem is still a little high so not quite ready for the faint-of-heart wader, although perfect for floating.) Water temps are great ranging from the low 40’s on the WB through the low 50’s.  Hatches have been heavy, and go-to flies have been Hendricksons, Blue Quills, Olives, Cornuttas, Tan and Apple Caddis, and March Browns. Although the wind this past week has been a force to contend with, when it lays down there have been some ferocious fish taken.

Tight Lines!

Water Flows are as follows:

Housatonic at Falls Village:   740 cfs

Farmington at Riverton:  145 cfs

Still River at Robertsville:  98 cfs

WB Farmington through the TMA:   243 cfs

WB Delaware at Hale Eddy:  520 cfs  at 47 degrees

EB Delaware at Fishes Eddy:   1130 cfs at 49 degrees\

Mainstem Delaware at Lordville:  2300 at 52 degrees

Beaverkill at Cooks Falls:   616 cfs