May 14, 2016 2 min read

Here’s the Fishing Report for May 14th.  Connecticut and Catskill NY rivers are in great shape. The recent rains (with a little more scheduled today) have kept flows at a healthy level while still allowing for good wading and floating. On the Farmington and Housatonic, there have been Hendricksons, Rusty Spinners, BWOs, and especially caddis (both olive and tan.)  Over the past couple of days, Caddis dries in both tan and apple have been taking fish consistently. Caddis pupa and larva nymphs, along with stonefly nymphs have also been effective on both Connecticut rivers.

All three branches of the Delaware system are in great shape. Water flows are very healthy from recent rains, with Cannonsville Dam on the West Branch spilling which has slightly raised water temperatures. All rivers have seen hatches of Olives, Cornuttas, March Browns, tan and apple Caddis, and some Hendricksons still lingering.  Also, the first hatches of Sulphurs have been reported on the West Branch. As water temperatures warm in the next couple of weeks, look for Cahills and especially Isos!

Here’s current water flows:

Housatonic at Falls Village:  780 cfs

WB Farmington at Riverton:  138 cfs

Still River at Robertsville:  113 cfs

WB Farmington through the TMA:  251 cfs

WB Delaware at Stilesville:  548 cfs @ 54 degrees

WB Delaware at Hale Eddy:  999 cfs @ 55 degrees

EB Delaware at Fishes Eddy:  1250 cfs @ 53 degrees

Mainstem Delaware at Lordville:  3150 cfs @ 54 degrees

Beaverkill at Cooks Falls:  695 cfs

In the salt, fishing has been good in L.I. Sound, although somewhat inconsistent. There have been bass from Greenwich past Fairfield, both from the boats and along the beaches as well.  River mouths have produced some great fishing – both along the Housatonic and the Saugatuck and other spots as well. There has been a good amount of bait – including silversides.  As always, Clousers and similar flies have been good producers. There have been days of multiple fish, including some decent-sized bass along with the schoolies.

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