May 24, 2017 3 min read

Greetings Compleat Anglers!  Here is your fishing report for May 24th:

Connecticut and Catskill rivers have lowered nicely from the extreme high water levels of recent days. With the lower water, water temperatures have risen slightly which will result in more active fish as well. Both the clarity and water levels, as well as insect activity are at a perfect point in time - it will  not get better than this! So be sure to get out and spend some time on your favorite water soon!

In the Catskills, water levels have come down beautifully. Last week saw intense hatches of Hendricksons and Caddis (tan & green) as well as Olives and Rusty Spinners. This week, although the hatching has slowed down, we are seeing the beginnings of a sporadic emergence of March Browns which should build nicely over the next week or two. I was on the Delaware West Branch on Monday, and bugs were rather sparse - a few straggling Hendricksons, some sporadic caddis (tan & green), some very tiny Blue-Wing Olives (#20-#22), a few March Browns, and some rusty spinners. We took some riffle rainbows and browns on a swung Dark Cahill (#12-#14). The few rising trout were very picky and difficult, although we took one lovely 19" fish on a #14 Wunderbug. David Nelson swung wets on the lower Main Stem and had a great morning taking numerous Rainbows.Frank Corrente fished the West Branch as well and reported (like us) that the few rising fish were picky and technical. Water levels are becoming perfect for wading all three branches of the Delaware. Anglers fishing the Beaverkill fared much better - there were good rising fish and decent hatches of caddis, Hendricksons, March Browns, Olives and spinners. Nice fish were taken through the river, and the wading level and water clarity is currently perfect.

Here in Connecticut, the West Branch of the Farmington River has reduced flows making wading much easier and also helping to increase water temperatures which stimulates more activity in the fish. Flows are somewhat down as well making for acceptable wading. The Hendrickon hatch is nearly over - just a few stragglers left in the Riverton area, with some rusty spinner falls taking up the rear.  There are small Olives (#18-#22), as well as caddis (#14-#18) in tan and olive.) Sub-surface, Hendrickson nymphs, Pheasant Tails (#12-#18), Caddis Larva (#12-#16), Stonefly nymphs (#8-#12), as well as Mop flies, Green Weenies, and Wooly Buggers are all effective patterns. The Housatonic has come down nicely as well and is currently running clear.  Today (May 24th) there is a big stocking of large Rainbow Trout taking place! The streamer bite is still on, with Muddlers, Zonkers, Wooly Buggers and other streamer patterns taking fish. Sub-surface flies to bring with you are Caddis pupa and emerger imitations, Hare's Ear (#12-#16), BH Prince (#12-#16), BH Pheasant Tails (#12-#16), Mop Flies, San Juan Worms, and Egg patterns as well.

River Flows are as follows:

West Branch Farmington River at Riverton:  314cfs at 58 degrees;

Still River at Robertsville:  105cfs at 58 degrees

WB Farmington through the TMA:  419cfs at 58 degrees

Housatonic at Falls Village:  1080cfs at 62 degrees;

Delaware Main Stem at Lordville:  1700cfs @ 57 degrees;

Delaware East Branch at Fishes Eddy:  818cfs at 55 degrees;

Delaware West Branch at Hale Eddy:  681cfs at 52 degrees;

Beaverkill at Cooks Falls:  356cfs at 58 degrees; 

In the Salt, the action on Long Island Sound has slowed slightly from the past couple of weeks. There are still lots of schoolies to be found along the river mouths and off the beaches in the morning. Bluefish are moving in closer and some of the guides and regulars have been crushing them. There is still lots of bait and some really nice bass a bit further out.  I was out last Friday and we rode a huge ball of bait with an even bigger school of bass tearing it up - an hour of non-stop action. This is a great time to be out on the water!

So grab your rods and head for your favorite river or spot on the Sound. And don't forget to stop by the shop and check out our brand new Wade fly reels from South Africa. Our fly bins are completely stocked, and we have a great inventory of rods, reels, waders, boots, lines and accessories in all the major brands. If you need fishing information, directions, casting instruction, guide information, river or Sound conditions - anything at all - we're here to help!  Hope to see you soon!

Tight Lines!