November 10, 2016 3 min read

Greetings Compleat Anglers!  Here is your fishing report for November 10th:

In both Connecticut and the Catskills, there is still some good trout fishing to be had, although the Catskill rivers are a tougher bet as early winter approaches. The Delaware River system is at good height with all three branches at a good flow level.  (Please note: Much of the East Branch and West Branch are closed to all fishing after October 15th.) Anglers wanting to fish this system after Oct. 15th are limited to the boarder waters which are catch & release only through April 1st.  The water flow for the Mainstem is 1760 cfs at Lordville and a water temperature of 45 degrees. There are still some limited BWO’s (#18-#24) on the warmer afternoons with fish on them. Nymphs and streamers fished slowly are also a good bet. Keep your eye on the weather as there have been some bitter cold days with snow showers already!

Connecticut trout rivers are still fishing well. The West Branch of the Farmington River is running 116cfs through the TMA area with water temperatures in the low 50s.  Some beautiful browns continue to be taken throughout the river. There are still BWO hatches in the afternoons in size #24, along with tan caddis and a few small Isos.  Effective wets have been Caddis Pupa, Pheasant tails, and other smaller nymph patterns along with soft hackle wets. And don’t forget to include a few egg patterns in your box – you can fish one along with a small stonefly nymph and attract some bigger fish.

Bob Reichert reports that the Housatonic is still fishing well. The river is running 341cfs at Gaylordsville with a water temperature of 44 degrees.  Bob was there this past Tuesday and reported a nice hatch of tiny BWOs and the fish were on them.  Bob took several fish on a size 24 BWO. Other effective patterns are small nymphs (Prince, Pheasant Tail, Hairs Ear) along with soft hackles. As in the Farmington, include some egg patterns in your box – this is the time to use them.

For you Steelhead Anglers, the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY has been slow but steady. Sal Renzuella reported several beautiful fish (largest was a 16-pounder) taken on Stonefly and egg patterns last week. Sal reports fresh fish slowly coming into the river. Swinging flies has proved to be a bit slower thus far.

In L.I. Sound, nice weather over the past couple of weeks has kept all of us in the game. There are still some nice schools of schoolie bass swirling on top with a few nice fish mixed in. There have also been some huge Bluefish taken – some up to 15 pounds.On the fly, Clousers are always a go-to, along with bay anchovie and bunker imitations. So pick up your rad and take a shot while the fish and the weather are still smiling upon us.

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