September 13, 2017 3 min read

Greetings Compleat Anglers!  Here is your fishing report for September 13th:

The Catskill rivers are cool and somewhat low, and fishing is good but challenging. I just returned from two days on the Main Stem of the Delaware where I had amazingly beautiful fall-like weather and some gorgeous, powerful Rainbows. At this time of year all the Catskill rivers are seeing the same basic hatching - there are Isos (#14), Olives (#18), Cahills (#14), Caddis (#14), Tricos (#20-#24), spinners (#14), White Flies (#14) and ants and beetles. Most of these flies seem to be hatching sporadically (except for the Tricos) , and the fish are rising sporadically as well - a lot of "one-and-dones" and fish cruising in the flats that are hard to pin down. But with persistence, good fish will eat and it can be tremendously satisfying to hook up with a great fish that you have put a lot of time and patience into. Wets and nymphs are really effective as well - I took a nice brown on a traditional #12 Leadwing Coachman I was swinging - imitating the Isos I saw sporadically popping up from the riff I was fishing. I met several anglers who were seeing some nice success by swinging small soft-hackles (#14-#16). The Delaware Main Stem was running 925cfs which rendered traditionally deeper flats accessible to wading so some of those difficult rising fish could be reached. The other Delaware branches are also low - the West Branch and the East Branch are both running in the 400s so difficult to float. If you're floating, the Main Stem is currently the only game in town. All three branches are nicely cool and the cool, fall-like weather will continue to ensure great water temperatures.


In Connecticut. the West Branch of the Farmington river, although very low (92cfs through the TMA) is running in the high 50s/low60s so the trout are happy. Small nymphs continue to be consistently effective - Zebras, Copper Johns, Pheasant Tails, Flashbacks, Caddis Larva and Pupa, and others. There are great morning hatches of Tricos, Olives (#18), Isos (#14), Cahills (#14), Caddis (#14), and ants and beetles. Keep an eye out for warmer, humid or rainy days which should produce some great ant falls. Although rising fish can be sporadic, there are some big, beautiful fish to be had!

The Housatonic River is running 318cfs at Falls Village and at a current temperature of the low 60s. While in great shape for wading, it is still a little low to float (although there is some late-week rain in the forecast which might improve floating conditions.) Dry-fly fisherman will find Isos (#14), Caddis (#16), Cahills (#14), BWO (#16-#20), White Flies and ants and beetles. During the day work nymphs and streamers in the riffles and faster runs. For nymphs, Pheasant Tails, Princes, Hare's Ears, as well as wets and streamers like Wooly Buggers, Zonkers, and Muddlers are always effective. The river was recently stocked to the gills, so there are lots of aggressive fish to hunt!

In Long Island Sound there are still plenty of Harbor Blues to be had, and guides and anglers report that there are good numbers of bass on the prowl as well. Fishing off the beaches is still very spotty with early morning and late evenings the key times to be out. Kids (and the eternally young) will have lots of fun (and action) with the marauding schools of snapper blues in the harbors and off the jetties. Clousers and Deceivers are the go-to patterns with lots of peanut bunker still around. There are Albies in Montaukso keep your eyes peeled as it won't be long before they are showing up here in the Eastern Sound.

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