September 08, 2017 3 min read

Greetings Compleat Anglers!  Where did summer go? It can't be September already, the fishing season just started!

In the Catskills, fishing has been good. Occasional rain over the past week has mitigated the lower designated flows on the Delaware system in Cannonsville and Pepacton.  Cool days and nights have kept the water temperatures in the 50s making for happy trout. Bob Reichert, Sal Renzuela and myself fished the Delaware West Branch last week for Sal's maiden voyage of his new Claka Craft! (photo below). Bugs were scarce but there were heads here and there and we all had good shots and brought one fine fish to the boat in the 20"-plus category. The Main Stem has been the hottest of all the branches, with good bugs and lot's of rising fish. Best dry fly bets are ants (#16-#18) (there were flying ants in a cinnamon color during out last float and the fish we brought to the boat was taken on a #18 black ant.) Isos (#12-#14), Light Cahills (#14), White Flies (#12-#14), BWO (#18), Tricos (#22-#26), and Green and Tan Caddis (#16-#18). When heads are scarce, try swinging a wet, soft hackle or nymph in the riffles and runs. Best wet fly and nymph bets are BH Pheasant Tail (#14-#18), Copper John (#18), Zebra (#18-#22), Iso Nymph (#14), Caddis Larva and Pupa (#14-#18).


Flows are as follows:

Delaware West Branch at Hale Eddy:  427cfs @ 51 degrees

Delaware East Branch at Fish's Eddy: 655cfs @ 57 degrees

Delaware Main Stem:  1380cfs @ 58 degrees

In Connecticut, although the Farmington River is very low, there are nice fish being taken. The Farmington was stocked from New Hartford down to Unionville, and the cool water temperatures in the 50s are keeping the fish very happy. There are heavy Trico falls in the mornings (#22-#26). Other dry flies are Isos (#12-#14), ants and beetles (#14-#18), Olives (#16-#20), Light Cahills (#14), White Flies (#12-#14) and Caddis (#16). If you can't find rising fish, try swinging a nymph in the riffles or runs. Best bets are Zebra (#18-#24), Copper John (#18-#22), BH Flashback Pheasant Tails (#14-#18), Caddis Pupa and Larva, and don't forget to include a golden stonefly or two in your box. Remember, the entire Farmington is now Catch & Release until the new fishing season opens in April, 2018.  

Water Flows are as follows:

WB Farmington at Riverton:  60cfs in the 50s

Still River at Robertsville:  91cfs 

Farmington River through the TMA:  151cfs in the 50s

In the Housatonic, cool days and nights have kept the trout and smallmouth in good shape. The river is currently in the mid-50s to the low-60s and the current flow at Falls Village is 703cfs. The river was stocked just before Labor Day, so there are a lot of trout to keep fishing interesting. During the day swing wets, nymphs and streamers in the riffles. Best nymph and wet bets are BH Pheasant Tail (#14-#16), BHHare's Ear (#14-#16), BH Prince (#14-#16), Soft Hackle patterns, Wooly Buggers, Zonkers and other wet fly patterns. In the late afternoon and evenings, if there are bugs and heads, try a BWO (#16-#20), Isos (#12-#14), Light Cahill (#14) and of course, White Flies (#12-#14).

In Long Island Sound, there have been big schools of harbor Bluefish crushing huge schools of Peanut Bunker. Look for a few Bass mixed in (mostly schoolies but with an occasional good-sized fish.) Best flies are any Clauser or Deceiver!  There are also lot's of snapper Bluefish around in the 7" to 9" category. Water temperatures have been in the low 70s and dropping. Keep your eyes peeled for Albies! 

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