June 13, 2018 1 min read

In Long Island Sound, fishing continues to be good, but spotty. There are lots of Schoolie Bass, but they are not yet heavy on the beaches. There have been some huge bass taken in mid-Sound and the river mouths as well. Also, there have been schools of gator Bluefish, mostly in mid-sound but there are reports that in the evenings and early mornings they are in closer to the beaches. Top-water action has been excellent - try using a small popper or crease fly such as the one pictured below:


Captain Ian Devlin of Devlin Charters  captain_ian@yahoo.com reports some great action with some huge bass being taken. Check out these beasts:


If you're looking to hook up with one of these beasts, give Ian a call at 203-451-9400.  As always, best bets for Bass are Clouser patterns and Deceiver patterns, along with topwater poppers/plugs and crease flies. If you are working the beaches, look for outgoing tides and try to fish in the evenings and early mornings. There are large Bunker schools in mid-sound along with some sand eels. As the water warms look for those bait schools to work in closer to the beaches and hopefully draw in Bass and Bluefish.