Androscoggin River Fishing Report

Flowing out of Lake Umbagog in Errol, NH, the Androscoggin is one of the East's better known "big water" fisheries, more akin to classic western rivers in many regards. Flowing south through the White Mountains, it turns southeast into Maine, eventually emptying into the Kennebec. Fishing the Androscoggin is often done by boat (a big advantage) and offers a variety of riffles, glides, and slower, deeper water. Trout are located throughout, and many of the tributaries offer prime spawning habitat. Brookies, Browns, and Rainbows can be found in most of the river with smallmouth bass being found in the lower reaches, and landlocked salmon near the northern dams.

  • Type: Trout, Landlocked Salmon, Bass
  • Season: Year Round to the Maine border (Jan 1 - Dec 31)