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Long Island Sound Fishing Report

Long Island Sound Fishing Report

In Long Island Sound, fishing continues to be good, but spotty. There are lots of Schoolie Bass, but they are not yet heavy on the beaches. There have been some huge bass taken in mid-Sound and the river mouths as well. Also, there have been schools of gator Bluefish, mostly in mid-sound but there are reports that in the evenings and early mornings they are in closer to the beaches. Top-water action has been excellent - try using a small popper or crease fly such as the one pictured below:


Captain Ian Devlin of Devlin Charters  captain_ian@yahoo.com reports some great action with some huge bass being taken. Check out these beasts:


If you're looking to hook up with one of these beasts, give Ian a call at 203-451-9400.  As always, best bets for Bass are Clouser patterns and Deceiver patterns, along with topwater poppers/plugs and crease flies. If you are working the beaches, look for outgoing tides and try to fish in the evenings and early mornings. There are large Bunker schools in mid-sound along with some sand eels. As the water warms look for those bait schools to work in closer to the beaches and hopefully draw in Bass and Bluefish.

Long Island Sound Fishing Report

Long Island Sound Fishing Report

In Long Island Sound, fishing continues to be strong.  Captain Roger Gendron from Connecticut Island Outfitters  info@ctislandoutfitters.com  reports that the gator Blues have rolled into the Sound. Roger reports that the Blues were offshore this week sliding across the surface like partially submerged submarines, making sight-casting really exciting. These fish are really big as well (check out the below photo taken by Roger).

Roger also reports that the Striped Bass action is still strong and we now appear to be in the thick of the spring run. The water temperatures are still perfect, there are lots of bait schools (Bunker, Silversides, Sand Eels) which are providing great attraction for many migrating fish. If you're hankering to get out in the water and chase some of these crazy, wild fish, give Roger a call at 203-216-0991- you'll have a great time on the water and come back with a sore arm! If you prefer to bang the beaches, early mornings or dropping tides are your best bets for both Blues and Stripers - try the river mouths, or any of the beaches from Greenwich North might provide you with some great action, Any of the Deceivers, Clausers, Sand Eel or Bay Anchovy patters will do the trick - and don't forget to keep some poppers or crease fly patterns in your box!



  • Type: Bluefish, Striped Bass, Fluke, False Albacore, Atlantic Bonito, and even Bluefin Tuna
  • Season: Spring through Fall

The Long Island sound is an incredible fishery by any measure. With a wide variety of habitats, the Sound is home to most major species of gamefish found in the Northeast. The Long Island Sound is predominantly brackish which makes it a perfect nursery for baitfish and larger predatory fish alike. Angling here is seasonal, with migratory species such as Bluefish, Striped Bass, Fluke, False Albacore, Atlantic Bonito, and even Bluefin Tuna coming and going with the change of seasons. Typically Spring and Fall produce the best fly fishing opportunities as large concentrations of migratory fish pass through to feed on the large schools of baitfish. The Long Island Sound does have resident populations of Striped Bass however, which winter over in the famous Housatonic River and which makes for superb fishing come Spring. Gator Bluefish can be consistently caught from May through November and the False Albacore Run in September and October is one of the most anticipated runs of the year. With Long Island sheltering the sound against the full force of the Atlantic, it also tends to be fairly boater friendly. Anglers can count on significantly reduced wave heights making this fishery accessible when other locations such as Montauk or Cape Cod are too hazardous. Regardless of your target species or the time of year, there is always something going on in the Sound. For anglers who embrace flexibility and capitalize on the seasonality of the Long Island Sound the fishing is nothing short of spectacular.


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