The Compleat Angler May Giveaway

Trout Season is Just Around the Corner. So We're Kicking Off May with a Little Giveaway to Get Things Started.

Enter now to win a Fishpond Switchback Belt System. At the end of the month we'll draw the name of one lucky winner. Hopefully you!

Fishpond Switchback Belt System

Fishpond Switchback Belt System

$99 Value!

Since Fishpond's first year they have been turning the fly fishing industry upside-down with innovation and change. As they hit their 20 year anniversary, it was only fitting to take something as simple as a wading belt and reinvent its functionality. This system includes a pack that slides independently from back to front, a molded net holster for long-handled nets, a shoulder strap with tool and fly attachment, and options to attach their new molded wading staff pouch, drink holder, and Quickshot rod holder. Functional and purposeful it can be worn with vests, chest packs, or other gear of choice. For more details visit here.


The Fine Print

  1. Only shipping to the US.
  2. No exchanges for other products.
  3. Not redeemable for cash or store credit.
  4. All Manufacturers warranty benefits, restrictions, and costs apply.