Advanced Intruder Strategies, Jay W. Nicholas

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Fly anglers fishing for sea and lake-run salmon, trout, and steelhead find ourselves constantly pushing the creative boundaries fly tying tradition — crafting and fishing innovative flies to tempt these species in waters across Russia, Alaska, Canada, the Pacific Coast of North America, the Great Lakes, South America, and Northern Europe. Intruder-style flies are among the most intriguing of modern flies that have captured our imagination. Advanced Intruder Strategies builds on the foundation I established with Intruder Essentials, targeting experienced tyers, digging deeper, and exploring new territory. This book introduces the reader/tyer to composite dubbing loops and a wide range of natural and synthetic materials — showcasing 36 flies that I refer to as Intruders, including: Articulated Tube Intruders tied on Pro Sportfisher Nanotubes Half Intruders tied on 20 mm OPST shanks Articulated Intruders tied on Senyo’s 25 mm Shanks Mohawk Intruders tied on 20 mm OPST shanks Intruders tied on 45 mm OPST Dumbell eye Shanks Micro Intruders tied on Pro Sportfisher Nanotubes I invite you to join me in the hunt for the perfectly crafted Intruder, the pattern no salmon or steelhead can resist. Please Note: I highly recommend that anyone who purchase one of my soft Cover books through Amazon go to OfficeMax Or Kinkos to get it spiral bound with a matte plastic cover. This will allow you to lay the book flat on your fly bench and will prevent the cover from curling. It only costs about five bucks and is a great investment. Thank you very much for your consideration and support.