Alaska Rainbows: Fly-Fishing For Trout, Salmon and other Alaska Species

How-to & where-to on fishing for rainbows in Alaska. Includes: Alaskan trout habits & food, techniques & tackle, fly patterns, other Alaskan species, Russian rainbows, Alaskan wildlife, & details on planning a trip. 

Alaska is the world's leading coldwater fly-fishing destination. In Alaska Rainbows, Larry Tullis shares what you need to know to enjoy a successful trip to Alaska, whether you are fishing with a guide or want to try a do-it-yourself trip. Includes: Alaska trout habits and food, techniques and tackle, fly patterns, other Alaska species, Russian rainbows, Alaskan wildlife, planning an Alaskan trip, conservation, and more. Quit procrastinating, start planning your Alaskan adventure. This book can help make it a success.