Custom Tied 4/0 Super-Mushy Fly

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Originally designed by David Skok and custom tied for our shop by Ian Devlin, this baitfish pattern has a wide range of applications. A variation on Skok's Mushmouth, this fly is will take fish all over the world. From Roosters to Tuna, the Super Mushy is a must-have for large predatory fish.

Tied with synthetics, this fly will shed water weight the moment it leaves the water making it incredibly castable for a fly of this size. With a stiffened yet flexible spline that runs through the center of the fly, fouling is essentially eliminated while still preserving hook-up ratio. No additional weight has been added allowing this fly to be fish on all types of lines easily.

These are tied on Gamakatsu SL12S hooks, one of best saltwater hooks out there so no need to worry about straightening out the hook. Length is 6 to 7 inches.