Green River Virgins

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Green River Virgins is a stunning collection of stories about a new breed of fly fishers, mostly women, none of whom wear tweeds or smoke a pipe. Among these passionate anglers are a closet fly fisher whose biological clock is ticking and an awkward schoolgirl who secretly raises coho fry. One woman struggles in denial over her impending blindness, and an old-timer gracefully accepts being crowded off his home water. Readers will meet that irresistible hustler, Brooke E. Trout, and a guide who has barhopped and backslapped her way right out of the "female race". Serous or hilarious, these are probing stories you won't forget, about anglers with enormous appetites for rivers and for fishing and for life, written by an author who everywhere displays here intimate knowledge of fly fishing, its language and mores. Green River Virgins captures the innermost secrets of a dozen rivers and the character of dozens of folk who fish them. As Stephen Bodio says, Mallory Burton "knows more than fish and streams and tackle; she knows the hearts and minds of the humans who are happiest when they are waist-deep in a wild river." (5 3/4 X 8 1/2, 212 pages)