Hatch DIY Custom Handle Kit - For Iconic Reels

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Want to customize your reel or simply need a spare handle kit? Look no further! Now you can trick out your reel with our new DIY Custom Handle Kits! Available now in all Iconic sizes and Blue, Black, Red, Green & Ultra-Violet.

1 Handle Kit includes: 1 Handle, 1 Post, 1 Insulator, & 1 Screw


 YOUR REEL SIZE:  Handle Kit Size:
3+ Iconic Small
4+ Iconic Small
5+ Iconic Medium
7+ Iconic Medium
9+ Iconic Large
11+ Iconic Large

 Handle Kits are currently only available for Iconic Reels/Spools. Item does not come pre-installed with any purchases. This is a DIY (do-it-yourself) kit.

DIY HANDLE KIT DOES NOT INCLUDE: 1/8 Allen Wrench, 3/32 or 5/64 Allen Wrench, Blue Loctite, Marine Grease.  Find at your local hardware store.